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The Cherwell School

Cherwell is a large, Outstanding-rated secondary in North Oxford. We have all the advantages of a large school in that we offer a very wide range of curricular and extracurricular opportunities. However, our two sites enable us to create smaller and more personal units within the whole school. This makes it easier to know, value and support each student; in this school each individual matters to us.

The Cherwell was an original member of The River Learning Trust and we are proud to have been actively involved in defining and supporting the development of the vision of the Trust. There is real strength in our school and we know that our areas of focus will be reinforced and nurtured by the direction the RLT is travelling in.

We expect the RLT to be rigorous in their pursuit of excellence for our school and we appreciate our responsibilities in the context of the wider trust. We are happy that relationships are highlighted as being so central to the long-term success of the RLT because at Cherwell we aim to create these relationships in all that we do.

The Cherwell School
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